Friday, May 14, 2010

Exercising Machines At The Park

Yesterday I went to bed early, because I was exhausted after a day of fun with the boys. I did my thirty minute cardio in the morning, added 10 minutes of crunch time, and then it was off to pick up my son from school.

We ended up going to a new farmers market store nearby, where we found some cheap fruits. I was a bit disappointed with the store though, as a lot of it did not seem quite fresh.

After picking up some produce we continued on to a nearby park, where the boys played, I read and the baby took a nap. Before we left I got on the Air Skier for fifteen minutes, which is all the boys would let me do before they started fighting.

I love this particular park, because there are several different exercise machines for free use. It is not the best park for the kids though, because it is surrounded by some heavy traffic roads, and there are always a lot of people there exercising. I prefer to take the boys to a smaller park, where everything is fenced in, and where I can easily keep an eye on them without having to worry.


30 minutes cardio
10 minutes crunch time
15 minutes on the air skier
3 mile walk

Foodwise I did good, and once again I managed to avoid sweet snacks.