Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When The Shoes Carry You

For the past few days I have been exhausted, as the bug that has taken a hold of the kids in my house for the past couple of weeks has finally found its way to me. As most of  you know moms don't get breaks or time to be sick, so I am still on the road every day picking up and dropping off the kids. My husband has been helping out as much as he can, but he is still in school most of the day, and when he is I am on my own.

On Monday I tried on my new Avia walking shoes for the first time, and that is actually what I wanted to write about. Not too long ago, I won a $50 gift certificate to Shoemall on another blog. This came at a prefect time as my walking sandals were having a hard time managing the South Florida heat and humidity on the long walking distances.

It has cooled down a notch, but my walking sandals are talking a break, because I finally tried on my new Avia walking shoes. I of course got them on clearance, so that I could get two pair of walking shoes, a fancy golden pair and the real walking sneakers, and they are both fabulous.

I have not worn great sneakers since my running days in high school, but these shoes sure are different than what I usually wear. They support in all the right places, and I almost feel as if I am flying when I walk. Despite having my entire body ache, I still walked the three miles to my son's pre k today, and yes I was tired, but my feet were not.

Do you have some great, high quality walking shoes?