Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Work-Outs of The Day - 30 minute work out, and 2 mile walk

I originally intended on starting up with high-intensity workouts yesterday, but I fell flat even before I began.When I went to use my exercise bike (which has been left alone since February before my dad came to visit) I discovered that my sweet boys (7 and 4) had somehow succeeded in breaking it. I bought this exercise bike 2 1/2 years ago for money that I won at the infamous Netwinner, which later went down and under. I will always appreciate my exercise bike though, and it has served me well.

My handy-man husband has promised that he will take a look at the bike, and I am confident that he will be able to fix it, once he finds the time to do so.

So today I had another plan...working out with the boys.

This morning the boys and I packed up the toys and moved some furniture around to create our very own gym in the living room. I used to work out in the bedroom, when I had my four-year-old watch tv and the baby was sleeping. Well, two months have passed, and the baby is now nine months old, mobile and takes fewer naps.

We put in the Biggest Looser Workout dvd (season one), and my toddler was all excited. He did the first stretch out exercises with me, but when we got to the kick boxing, he went to the tv and told trainer Bob that he was coughing and tired. He eventually found a car or two to play with on the playmat, but at least he let me exercise.

In the beginning I worked out with the baby in my arms, but the extra 21 pounds soon began to pull me down, so he was put on the mat. He crawled around in between my legs, pulled himself up by the table, then by the window and then he came back to protest. This time he brought a book, as he surely felt it was Mommy and Me reading time.

There was a little crying, but I actually made it through the entire work-out session, and yes there were times that I felt like stopping. When we did make it to the stretching part, I was actually surprised that the session was over.

All the walking I have been doing has kept me in shape, but I surely need some high-intensity work outs to get rid of the extra accumulated pounds.

I managed to take a shower before it was time to pick up my oldest son from school.

My exercise log for today:

30 minute work out (The Biggest Loser dvd)
2 mile walk (To and from school)

How did you do on your exercise today?


  1. Way to go, J!

    Some quick recommendations- See if you can find wrist or ankle weights on freecycle, or at a thrift store (I see them from time to time, and got a pair for $2 at Goodwill) to wear on your walks.

    Your body is used to walking, so while it's helping you out, it's not going to give you as much of a work out. Changing it up a bit will challenge your body to work harder- this can be done by walking up hills, or on the grass, over a lightly pebbled surface, or with weights on your ankles. Even just changing how you step by bringing your knees up higher each time can help.

    The weights on your wrists during the workout or on your ankles can also help quite a bit, but I definitely recommend them for the walking.

    You might also want to see about saving up for a bike and a bike trailer 2nd hand, if you can. You can strap the two younger kids into it, while your older son rides his bike, too.

  2. Hi Heather, Thank you for stopping by. This really is one challenge I need to win. Ever since I moved to Denmark to take care of my mother, the pounds just kept on adding on little by little. I want them gone! I am so horrified by the sight of myself in the mirror, and I know that the weight gain is literally weighing me down in so many aspects of my life.

    The ankle weights are a great suggestions, I'll see if I can find some cheap once. You are right about the walking, it really is not doing anything for me anymore, as you say my body must be used to it.

    So far I have been doing 30 minutes of cardio/weight training every day, and I am going to continue this for two weeks on top of the usual walking/activities. Hopefully this will bring me results. In the past I have been trying to do 1 hour a couple of times a week, but the little ones just do not have patience for that.

  3. We all struggle with it, you are NOT alone! I fit into a size 10 jeans 1 week after Gillian was born. Now? A size 16. I'm hoping my new bike, plus the physical therapy will really help me tone up, and slim down just a bit.

    Back in February, I bought a new pair of shorts- size 16, and cringed, cause they were meant to be a bit baggy, and yet, were decidedly not. Then I wore them yesterday, and they are baggy as they are supposed to!